GOAL: Sleep Better

If I had only known how much I would miss napping, I would have been a lot less fussy at naptime as a kid. In my opinion, naps should be part of a productive day. I mean, have you seen sleep [...]


I’ll be veering off our prescribed path this week because I am all FIRED UP about something exciting that just happened in my life. We’ve been talking about the Phases of Wellness, the basic [...]

GOAL: Exercise

When I was growing up, exercise was a normal part of life. I played on a fast pitch softball tournament team for more than a decade. Weekend after weekend, in the Texas heat, I’d run and slide [...]

GOAL: Eating well

Eating well is a struggle – plain and simple. With all the restaurants and fast food outlets available, never mind the fact that I rarely do a good job of keeping a regular eating schedule, [...]

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